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Respect as a prerequisite of quality

On the wine-growing estate of the Petri family you will find nothing that is falsified or forced. Both the grapes and the people living and working on the estate retain their natural character, taking whatever time is necessary to grow and develop in accordance with nature. We produce wine with pleasure and passion.

In harmony with nature.

A mild climate, lots of sun and chalky soil with a high mineral content are some of the factors that define the character of our wines.

The vines of our estate grow on 21 hectares around the village of Herxheim am Berg on the “Deutsche Weinstraße” – the German wine route. This wine-growing-municipality is situated 130 to 250 metres above sea level on a southerly foothill of the “Haardt” hills which provide shelter against harmful weather conditions and ensure excellent wines.

We cherish and foster our vines by means of environmentally-friendly cultivation. We use neither weed-killer, pesticides nor insecticides, and only enough fertilizer to provide sufficient nourishment for the vines. The grapes are mainly harvested by hand which ensures that only sound grapes go into the wine-press and during vinification we intervene in the process only when absolutely necessary.

In this way the natural development of the wine is undisturbed and the most favourable characteristics are allowed to unfold naturally.

The must ferments slowly at controlled temperatures in order to preserve the precious aromas. Following that we store the young wine for a long time preferably in wooden barrels. This is not only good for the storability, it also imparts to the wine the finest nuances of taste and the various refined dimensions that confer its unmistakable personality.


In harmony with one another

Peace, harmony, frankness. These three attributes describe us quite well. Character traits without which we would probably not have managed to have remained in Herxheim for 14 generations. In 1655 our ancestors moved from Ötztal in the Tirol to live in the Palatinate which had been largely depopulated due to the Thirty Years War. At the beginning they worked as barrel makers, then later as wine-growers.

Today our winery is a modern family business with the different generations working closely together to produce wine that meets our high standards.

We like to take time both for our wine and our customers and are delighted to have open and personal relationships with customers in all parts of the world


Sigrun is a nature-lover.

She enjoys her early-morning walk through the Estates accompanied by Mira, the family dog. However, she is also passionate about good food and wine. In everything that this enthusiastic hobby-cook does, she places the highest value on best quality.

For many of our customers, Sigrun is the face that they associate with our winery. This trained retail saleswoman not only greets our customers but generally runs the show and does all that she can to fulfil their wishes – and then there is nothing she likes better than to wind down after a hard days work with a glass of Riesling.


Gerd is the Boss

Although basically a traditionalist he is always receptive to new ideas. Some of his favourite times are spent in the wine-cellar with his two sons, Philipp and Max, exchanging and developing future plans – although as a highly qualified and experienced winemaker this proud father keeps a sharp eye on his sons’ experiments!


Maximilian loves to travel

In spite of his young age, he has already travelled extensively. Following his qualification in viniculture and technology in Germany, he travelled to France, Austria and California to find out how they make wine there. Perhaps it was during these travels that he developed his interest in oak barrels – at any rate, he is our man for the barrels. He is also responsible for the contact with our more remote customers , manages export and on many occasions represents our winery externally


Philipp likes to experiment.

Currently he is studying enology but is also involved with work on our winery. Like Max he enjoys talking with colleagues for hours about wine. His primary aim is to expand his personal experience and to try out new things - but whilst experimenting, at the same time remaining true to the original character of the Petri wines.

Bringing out the character.

Each Spring finds us renewing the search to find the right balance between our demand for quality and reticence to interfere in the wine-making process on the one hand, and taking into account new findings that are influencing this process on the other. If from our grapes we can produce a wine that is complex but nonetheless with a convincingly harmonious character, then we are happy.

The attention that our products have received both from prestigious wine guides as well as experienced sommeliers confirm that we are doing something right.

But more importantly for us, we would like to convince you and introduce you to our wines, too. Our range of red and white wines is extensive and diverse and covers the spectrum from refreshing quality wine for every day use, to wine with distinction for special occasions.


Opening times
Monday - Friday 09.00 to 12.00 and 13.30 to 18.00
Saturday 09.00 to 12.00 and 13.30 to 17.00
The winery is not open on Sundays and official holidays
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contact us at:
Weingut Petri
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67273 Herxheim am Berg
Tel.: (+49) 06353-2345
Fax: (+49) 06353-4181

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